Solutionsurfers Advanced

3 days of Solution Focused Brief Coaching Advanced


Solution-Focused Brief Coaching offers you a paradigm shift and a thrill of new (re)discoveries.

You are…

an experienced Coach, who wishes to navigate a changing landscape of a conversation and reach a further level in your coaching skills. You want to build on your experience and existing competence with a renewed curiosity. You might want to level your coaching skills up and use an existing and agreed up on system to describe and value them (ICF core competences and accreditation levels).

You will…

discover, experience and practice the finest details of the Solution-Focused approach in coaching.

develop your capacity to cooperate, to build and maintain trust and to use whatever happens in the conversation for the client

enhance your awareness of how that can make your way of coaching even more unique.


The module

Through three intensive days you will apply your coaching skills facing clients and discover the variety of possible ways to cooperate with topics, personalities and challenges that you may face in your coaching practice.


You will:

  • coach and receive detailed feedback on your work linked to the ICF coach competency framework
  • observe and learn from observing others coach
  • support each other in your performance and learning
  • get a close look at the various details in Solution Focused questions
  • use the time for discovering the preferred future ways of your personal art to coach, beyond technique


Before and after

Before and after there will be an online interactive webinar-meeting focus on your best hopes, reviewing progress and focus on further next steps on your continuous learning path.

detailed information

This coach training is part of our ACSTH Brief Coach Training Programme. You will earn 21 ACSTH by joining.






We like to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space. To ensure this, the following certified members of the Solutionsurfers faculty run this course:


Daniel Meier


Jesper Christiansen

Dates and Location

  • Advanced Coaching 19-1
    • Monday to Wednesday
    • Location: Luzern / Switzerland
    • Date:
    • August 19th to 21st, 2019

to enroll

Costs: CHF 1’560.- covers the whole course,  all workshop documents and light refreshments. For accommodation in Zurich please contact Dunja Wicki

«A personal journal for professional coaches»

One oft he best ways to enhance your coaching style is to analyze carefully your coaching sessions. With the „Logbook Coaching” in your hands you have a wonderful opportunity to do exactly this: think about your own work to reach a higher quality!

Daniel Meier, 2009