Coaching PURE

9 days Coaching plain and simple

In this course you will discover the essential success factors of being brief and effective as a coach. With the surprisingly simple and straightforward methods of the solutions focused coaching-approach you get the instruments to address quickly the heart of the matter. This training will enable you to be more relaxed and minimalistic in your coaching, while getting increased feedback from your clients.

You are…

a coach, consultant or a manager with coaching responsibilities. You wish to be even more efficient in your work and find simple and refreshing ways to identify and strengthen resources, setting goals and support progress.

You will…

discover, experience and practice Brief Coaching. Become competent with the essential tools; receive coaching, feedback and support throughout the training. You will learn how to perform as a Brief Coach simply and effectively. And maybe you will challenge your existing beliefs about how to be useful as a coach and open up a wider range of professional choices for yourself.

Your Benefit as…

New Coach

who learns a straightforward procedure that brings results. This training provides theory and practice, practice, practice, so that you can support clients and co-create the discovery of solutions.

Experienced Coach

who wishes to navigate a changing landscape and experience a gain in effectiveness. Solution-focused Brief Coaching brings a paradigm shift and a thrill of discovery; it builds on existing competence with renewed curiosity.

Company or Organization

that wishes to expand the capabilities of its managers, enhance results orientation and sustain follow-through. Brief-coach methods can invigorate operational climate in times of change and boost performance of individuals or teams.

detailed information

We like to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space with our highly qualified and certified PCC members of the SolutionSurfers faculty who will run this course.


  • PURE
  • The 9 residential days will take place in Zürich (CH)

    April 25. – 27. 2018

    June 6. – 8. 2018

    September 5. – 7. 2018

    Between each residential module there will be an online interactive webinar – meeting.

    We will work on every day from 09.00 am till 05.30 pm. Last day the course will finish at 02.00 pm.

  • PURE in Sweden
  • The 12 residential days will take place in Karlstad (Sweden)

    March 13th – 15th, 2018

    May 15th – 17th, 2018

    September 11th – 13th, 2018

    October 23rd – 25th, 2018

    The PURE in Sweden will be held in English and costs 29’000 kr. For more detailed information please contact Eva Persson

Costs: CHF 5’160.- covers the whole course, the starter kit (book and DVD), all workshop documents and light refreshments. For accommodation in Zurich please contact Dunja Wicki

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Brief Coaching Essentials

Coaching – Plain and Simple

Filled with sample dialogues and a variety of tools and techniques, this pocket guide offers a highly practical and condensed introduction to the principles of solution-focused coaching.