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For sustainable results in coaching and at work


Worldwide proven training


Our BRIEF Coach training program (Coaching PURE), accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), will equip you to bring out the greatness of others in a surprisingly refreshing way, with superior ease and sustainable impact.


Internationally recognized coaching certification

We have trained more than 6000 Coaches since 1997.The International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest organization for professional coaching worldwide, accredits all our Coach-Trainings.

We accompany you with passion and lightness to your internationally accredited Coaching-Certificate (ACC or PCC).




Become a solution-focused Brief-Coach

Elegance and impact lie in simplicity.

Coaching PURE offers a solid foundation in solution-focused coaching. It's a fully online program. This is also your first step to become certified by the International Coaching Federation. 

Interested in becoming a Solutionsurfers Brief Coach but don’t quiet know what it’s about? In this free Info Events you will encounter what Brief Coaching really means. Join our interactive info webinar.

Free Info Events

Coaching -

Plain and simple

This two day online training gives you a solid introduction into the world of solution-focused coaching.


Coaching PLUS

Advanced Coach-Training Program

Improve your coaching- and conversations talents in this fully online program.

A fresher way to move ahead

Dealing with challenge? Working towards sustainable results? Longing for a new direction? 

Surfers move forward with less effort and more success. They know how to amplify existing forward moving forces for astounding results.

Image by Todd Quackenbush
Image by Olga Tsai


 Riding forward moving forces,

make use of what is there, flexibly adapt to constant change, achieve results with lightness and power.

Image by Steve Mitchell


Relying on Continuous effort, stroke-by-stroke persistence, planned and determined action, steady contended forward movement

Image by Brian Matangelo


Getting to the bottom of things. deep investigation, understanding what lies beneath, exploring further and wider.

Whether you look for sustainable progress for your own improvement, in leadership, designing change processes or in consulting-work: to encourage the elegant lightness in designing space for surprisingly easy progress is our specialty since 1997, when we started our first solution-focused Coach-Training Program in Switzerland. 

Nowadays you can find Solutionsurfers in 10 countries all over the world.

Solutionsurfing around the world

Image by Erol Ahmed


Become a workplace (R)evolutionist

Solution Focused Organisation Development

Our Go Beyond training programs will equip you to bring out the greatness of organisations in a surprisingly refreshing way, with superior ease and sustainable impact.

In our Go Beyond Workshops we merge the solution focused approach with the contemporary knowledge of Organisation Design and - Development.

We'd like to enable company leaders, HR professionals and work (r)evolutionists on their journey to support organisations in their transformation processes.

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