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Brief-Coach Training


Get your Brief-Coach certification fully online with an international group of participants

In this course you will discover the essential success factors of being brief and effective as a coach. With the surprisingly simple and straightforward methods of the solutions focused coaching-approach you get the instruments to address quickly the heart of the matter. This training will enable you to be more relaxed and minimalistic in your coaching, while getting increased feedback from your clients.

This program is a fully online program. You can attend from where ever you are as long as you have a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and a microphone. But don't worry, we will create these webinars in a way the you can connect very closely with your pals and you will forget that you are not sitting next to them.

You are…

a coach, consultant or a manager with coaching responsibilities. You wish to be even more efficient in your work and find simple and refreshing ways to identify and strengthen resources, setting goals and support progress.

You will…

discover, experience and practice Brief Coaching. Become competent with the essential tools; receive coaching, feedback and support throughout the training. You will learn how to perform as a Brief Coach simply and effectively. And maybe you will challenge your existing beliefs about how to be useful as a coach and open up a wider range of professional choices for yourself.


Sybille Paas


Hamburg, Germany 


"This training was a brilliant investment in me, I have learnt so much and it was a unique experience."

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest organization for professional coaching worldwide, accredits all our Coach-Trainings. The Brief Coaching PURE program gives you 64 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours - and is a first stage to an internationally recognised Coaching Certificate.



New Coach

who learns a straightforward procedure that brings results. This training provides theory and practice, practice, practice, so that you can support clients and co-create the discovery of solutions.

Experienced Coach

who wishes to navigate a changing landscape and experience a gain in effectiveness. Solution-focused Brief Coaching brings a paradigm shift and a thrill of discovery; it builds on existing competence with renewed curiosity.

Company or Organization

that wishes to expand the capabilities of its managers, enhance results orientation and sustain follow-through. Brief-coach methods can invigorate operational climate in times of change and boost performance of individuals or teams.


Modul 1

 (4 webinars and 2 self organised study group meetings):

Build on existing competencies and discover how you can be most useful to your clients with Brief Coaching:

  • the five phases of Brief Coaching

  • overview Coaching tools; special focus on negotiating goals and the first session with a new client

  • ensuring effective communication in a coaching session

  • overview of other coaching models; how Brief Coaching uses distinct presuppositions

  • discover “the art of not knowing”

Modul 2

(4 webinars and 2 self organised study group meetings):

Brief Coaching at work. Strengthen your coaching resources and reflect on what really makes a difference for your clients:

  • review progress and discuss successes and challenges

  • the fundamental ingredients of a successful follow-up meeting

  • how to develop clients‘ resources while maintaining trust and intimacy in the conversation

  • the nuts and bolts of building a solution, with particular emphasis on the Miracle Question

Modul 3

(4 webinars and 2 self organised study group meetings):

The wider perspective:

Develop your own coaching style, confidence and creativity as a Brief Coach:

  • different ways of staying brief and simple also in challenging client situations

  • how to root lasting solutions in the client‘s environment

  • listen > select > build

  • coaching for decisions and dilemmas

  • multi-scaling

Modul 4

(4 webinars and 2 self organised study group meetings):

Next Steps in Staying Brief

Ensure your development and your coaching style:

  • you as coach: review your own progress and discuss further paths to successes

  • different ways of staying brief and simple also in challenging client situations

  • integrating what the client has learned and wrapping up the coaching relationship

  • how to develop client’s resources while maintaining trust and intimacy in the conversation


Each webinar will last 3.5 hours and is highly interactive. During the webinars there are lots of possibilities to practice and to experiment with de solution focused ideas and tools.

Between the webinars you will meet in self-organised study groups to reinforce each others learning.

We create a learning platform with additional material, a forum to share success stories and ask questions. We will record every webinar. So if you miss one you can easily pick up with the other participants by watching it on the learning platform.

Internationally regarded Coaching Certificate

This PURE Program leads you to an internationally regarded Coaching-Certificate, issued by the International Coaching Federation. So besides the the solution-focused coaching approach you will learn more about the 8 core competencies of coaching, get 7hrs of group mentoring and receive personal feedbacks/feedforwards to your coaching competencies.

NEXT STEP: After completing the Coaching PURE Program you are only two days away from your internationally regarded coaching Certificate (ACC).


Petra Demary (PCC) and Daniel Meier (MCC) are highly experienced Brief Coaches and trainers. With lots of experience in the national and international environment they like to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space. 





Modul 1: 2024 (4 webinars on Monday afternoon)


April 22nd, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

April 29th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

May 13th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

May 20th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

Modul 2: 2024 (4 webinars on Monday afternoon)

June 17th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

June 24th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

July 01st, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

July 08th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)


Modul 3:  2024 (4 webinars on Monday afternoon)


September 02nd, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

September 09th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

September 16th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

September 23rd, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

Modul 4: 2024 (4 webinars on Monday afternoon)

October 21st, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

October 28th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

November 04th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

November 11th, 2024: 04.00pm - 7.30pm (CET)

Online 24-1


CHF 5'160.- CHF covers the whole course and all workshop documents.

Different countries - different GNP: We'd like to make this course accessible and affordable for everyone - no matter where you life. So we created some special country discounts. Just drop us a line and ask for specific country discounts:

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