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Discover more about

solutions focused Brief Coaching 


Interested in becoming a Solutionsurfers Brief Coach but don’t quite know what it’s about, how the training runs and what precisely the potential benefit can be?

Then you have come to the right place. We offer several free of charge possibilities to discover more about Coaching and Solutionsurfers.

In this one hour highly interactive info-webinar ...

  • you will get a first taste of the core principal of Brief-Coaching

  • you will have the chance to experiment with some solution-focused instruments

  • and you will have the possibility to ask all the questions about Brief-Coaching and the training program.


At the moment we have no free info webinar planned. However, the course instructor Daniel Meier will be happy to take the time to answer your questions directly. Just click on the contact button and send him your contact details in an e-mail. He will then get back to you.

Free Info Webinar

In this free interactive webinar, you will encounter what Brief Coaching is about and also experience the unique way Solutionsurfers train their coaches.

Whether you look for sustainable progress for your improvement, in leadership, designing change processes or in consulting-work: to encourage the elegant lightness in creating space for surprisingly easy progress is our speciality since 1997, when we started our first solution-focused Coach-Training Program in Switzerland.

Nowadays you can find Solutionsurfers in 14 countries all over the world. Also, the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest organization for professional coaching worldwide, accredits all our Coach-Trainings.

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