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“The Coaching Plus Program was an invaluable experience which influenced not only my coaching but also my personal life.”

I highly commend this course primarily because not only will you gain skills to make the best out of your coaching sessions, but also will you network with other scholars across the globe for an invaluable experience. I got an improved understanding of the SF mindset that is helping me even in my personal life, I also got to master some new methods that have already transformed the way I conduct the coaching sessions

Mlungisi Nyathi

Technical Adviser

South Africa and Zimbabwe

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“For me this is a no brainer, definitely worth participating! The training brought me a space to build up on my skills in a safe and high speed mode, and moreover made me encounter amazing coaches in the world. “

I have been in many worldwide trainings (live or virtual) and have met great coaches. Solutionsurfers PLUS training is definitely in my top 3. Especially because Daniel and Jesper brought an amazing amount of knowledge, patience and genuine care for us that it felt like a team building rather than a training. 

This online training enabled an amazing group of people from all over the world to be together and share on a deep and personal level. I think that sometimes virtual trainings aren't the best way to connect but doing solution focused coachings actually makes you forget you're not face to face.

The whole training was organized so well that the facilitation and organization parts felt nonexistent, because it all went so smoothly and we could focus only on us as coaches!

Nina Costioli

Head HR, Lausanne Switzerland

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The Advanced Coaching program with SolutionSurfers has taken my coaching to a new level of competence. I now know the skill of truly being collaborative and co- creating the solutions with them. The skills of navigating, finding the resourcefulness of the client, coaching the person and asking powerful questions will stay with me.


What I also loved about the program was how the learning happened online in 3.5 hour sessions. I really did not think this was possible to be on a zoom call for that long. However the time absolutely flew as it was so rich with learning and different ways we used the time. The study buddy groups helped with deepening the coaching practice with other participants.


Daniel and Jesper you have provided a wonderful model of how online learning can happen in a truly respectful way. You modelled Solution Focus in how you facilitated in every interaction and noticed every participants unique strengths and resources. Lastly I learnt so much from the other talented participants in how they coach and now have met some truly wonderful people who now I call friends who I can connect with at any time. So a big thank you for a wonderful learning experience!

Annette Gray

Leadership Coach and Facilitator,  Sydney,  Australia



This training was a brilliant investment in me, I have learnt so much and it was a unique experience. Daniel is a really inspiring teacher, he really lives the solution focused approach. Together with Jesper he created a genius learning atmosphere. They were perfect role models. Each  webinar lasted 3,5 hours and I never got bored because we often got the opportunity to practice our solution focused skills. 

So I enjoyed every second of that program and really recomand it for everyone who wants to improve his coaching skills.

And the group was awesome- wonderful people from all over the world- a unique atmosphere: friendly, appreciative and very supportive.

Sybille Paas


Hamburg, Germany 



Further developing my coaching competences in the online space with highly experienced international peers was a boost in my coaching identity and created a wonderful feeling of belonging to a professional community sharing similar successes and challenges across the Globe. 

The way we were supported by our tutors and how they used the online space to create a lot of interaction and learning opportunity between the participants from each other proved me, there is just everything possible online that you would create in a face-to-face course. 

Elvira Kalmàr

Founder Go Beyond Project

Budapest, Hungary




Greatly professional and experienced tutors. Very inspiring formula of online classes, which facilitated in-depth interpersonal relationships and teamwork. It created a unique experience of cooperation between participants from remote parts of the world, thus significantly elevating the value of the program. Numerous methods, models, publications, Solution Focused case studies and live sessions. The working format that has grown into a vital and stimulating part of my projects.

Dorota Parys-Ullmeyer,

Zürich, CH



”In the Coaching Plus webinar I became aware about more details and fine aspects of the coaching. I appreciated the different methods used in the webinar, sharing the trainers and participants experiences, coaching somebody from outside, one coachee more coaches, positive feedback, positive gossip and more others. After this webinar I find myself a more refined and aware coach. 

I recommend this webinar for coaches at the beginning of career but also for coaches with experience, the webinar contains many useful details for both categories. 


I appreciated the international experience and I found really interesting that being in on line the course did not impact the quality  and the experience for me.

Lucia Cărămidariu  

Managing Partner,




I really enjoyed being part of this journey, resetting my coaching experience and bring it to a much higher level. I’m grateful for the many insights that I had during these webinars, which led me to a different quality of coaching presence in my practice. Relaxed atmosphere, a being state of learning, with no academic pressure and still an incredible amount of powerfull tools and approaches which enhances any coaches’ conversations with the client. Very competent facilitation, fantastic international learning environment and memorable interactions for the best coaching development program!

Judit Hărdăut

PCC (Professional Certified Coach, ICF) and MBSR Teacher in training,



"Completing the Advanced Coaching PLUS training offered by the Solutionsurfers has been my first biggest achievement for this year! It has been a very comfortable and rewarding path. The program is online, so I was able to follow it fully from the comfort of my office and home (even during lockdown of the Covid-19 crisis); but the methodologies and atmosphere of the sessions were nothing short of regular interactions one enjoys in normal classes. 


We have learned from expert facilitators, both from their inputs as much as from their individual behaviors. we have mastered great skills and practiced tools for a successful coaching session in plenary and boardrooms; but also have had enough buddy sessions and home coaching assignments to give us the confidence we needed. On top of all that, the sessions were filled with rich exchange among participants from different nations, cultures and continents! So much well done, Daniel and Jesper!

So, to anyone out there wishing to move into a strong coaching career, the Solutionsurfers Coaching PLUS training is right here for you."

Abubakar B. Mutoka

Technical Advisor, 

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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