All our team members are passionate Solutionsurfers with many years of experience in brief-coaching, training and facilitation. You can find us in 14 countries.


Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier is the Owner and Managing-Founder at Solutionsurfers® – a worldwide acting Brief Coach Training Institute which is based in Lucern, Switzerland. He has trained more than 3000 Coaches in the solution-focused coaching method and wrote several books on this topic (eg. “Coaching plain and simple” which is translated in 15 languages.)

Daniel Meier works with Executives and Teams and is a worldwide acting facilitator for solutions-focused Coach-Training Programs.


Katalin Hankovszky

Katalin Hankovszky is an independent trainer and coach, coming from a pedagogical background, working in business and training environment since 1995.
Since she first came across solution focus 1996 she has integrated it in all of her work. She co-created the concept of solution focused training methodology.

She is leading the Hungarian faculty of Solutionsurfers, a SOLworld enthusiast from the very beginning and a freshman in her PhD studies in educational sciences.


Jesper H Christiansen

Jesper H Christiansen is a coach, trainer, mediator and team facilitator. He is a certified Solutionsurfers Brief Coach Trainer and ICF Professional Certified Coach, PCC.

Originally trained as a Kaospilot (project management, leadership and entrepreneurship education) and systemic consultant, Jesper has taken a journey from systemic theory to the solution-focused approach.

Simone Gaio

Simone Gaio

Simone Gaio is an independent coach and trainer. Her professional profile is characterized by many years of experience in non-profit organizations, public administration and in education.

With much dedication and enthusiasm she is part of the international network of Solutionsurfers in Switzerland and abroad.

Simone is fascinated by the ease that can be found in the solution-focused work beyond tools.