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Two days of Solution Focused Team Coaching



Discover an approach and learn new useful tools to create progress with teams. The SolutionCircle support teams to reach their goals and handle challenges constructively and appreciatively even in unstable situations.

Get equipped to bring out the greatness of a team so they can bring this greatness to the world.


Solution Focused Team Coaching focuses on developing solutions and practical steps to execute in the daily business. By concentrating on the skills and competencies of the team members and progress is built on their resources. 


During the two days, you are introduced to an approach that will help you handle complex situations in teams, and enable team members to use their resources to support sustainable development within the team.



a manager, team leader, coach or a consultant and work with teams on a regular basis. You want to broaden your repertoire of ways to be even more flexible and professional in your work.


Supporting your daily work Solution Focused Team Coaching offers a fast, efficient and sustainable way to optimize resources, reach goals and make progress visible within a team. 


You will learn how to…


  • use the three principals of the solutions focused approach.

  • discover a practical way with The SolutionCircle which you can implement in different team settings.

  • use new efficient ways to facilitate team meetings – and find ways to bring lightness and appreciation into team settings.

  • consolidate your coaching-style and learn how to stay calm, efficient and focused.

  • handle conflict in teams through useful tools and ways to walk together into a preferred future.




Solutinsurfers Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier is Managing Co-Founder, and Owner of Solutionsurfers®.  He trained more than 4000 Coaches in the Solutions-focused coaching method since 2002 and wrote several books on this topic for example “Team Coaching with the SolutionCircle” that has been published in several languages.



Jesper H Christiansen is a trained Solutionsurfers Brief Coach Trainer, ICF certified coach (PCC) and have worked with team development for many years.



June 3rd/4th 2019


Solutionsurfers LAB, Luzern


CHF: 1080.-

The fee covers the training, refreshments and the book Team Coaching with the SolutionCircle. It does not include lunch and accommodation.

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